Launch of Glocal Junction

Have you ever tried more than 30 dishes in one sitting at a restaurant ? I have and let me tell you how it feels at the end of the meal, BLANK. All you need to do is call a stretcher that would probably take you home if you have not passed out of foodgasm. Such was our case at Glocal Junction. At Glocal Junction, I was invited for a blogger’s table where we tried 31 dishes (including cocktails) and we were in coma, foodcoma!


While we were at China Bistro, we were given coupons for Glocal Junction. It was getting ready to open in few days, then. To be very honest, I didn’t think much about it and I was not in any mood to frequent this place. That was because I was not aware about the theme of Glocal Junction. Had I known what GJ is going to do in the food scenario in Hyderabad, I would’ve been the first one to drop by at GJ. Nevertheless, I reached the place on time and while I was waiting for other bloggers to arrive, the one thing that caught my attention was the branding of this place. Every thing was decked up by ‘Ka’ in Hindi to emphasize the concept of – Global yet Local. Hence Glocal! I was impressed by the ambiance of the place.






My evening started with meeting the chef, Mr. Gaurrav and Isha who is the head of Branding and PR for Glocal. After the warm welcome, I, as usual started my spree of getting ambiance pictures. In the mean time most of the bloggers had arrived and we had placed our respective orders for cocktails. My order was Thailee. Thailee is a mix of Kharbooza and vodka. Sadly the taste of Kharbooza was minimal but the taste of vodka was strong but good. Would’ve loved it if there was more flavour of muskmelon in it. But according to me it was the only dish in the entire tasting that was not upto the mark. If you are hungry, please do not read it further. You are surely going to drool.


This is how Thailee is served!


I will not put a lot of stress in remembering the chronology in which the dishes arrived, but here is the description of all the dishes, one by one…


  • Arab Ki Thali: Arab Ki Thali consisted of 3 dips – Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Harrisa and two breads – Pita and Lavash squares. I couldn’t stop licking the Hummus till the end and once it was over, I laid my hands on Baba Ganoush and soon that was also over. Hummus had perfect amount of salt and olive oil which was going very well with soft and moist Pita squares. Brilliant. Baba Ganoush was also lip-smacking and we ended up ordering 2 extra portions of the same thali.

Arab Ki Thali.JPG

  • Classic Nachos: This, as the name suggests was indeed classic. By now this dish has become very common in restaurants but it was important to have one classic starter to show the versatility of the menu. The cheddar cheese, salsa and the sour cream combination is unbeatable. It was pretty decent.


  • CNC Rings: This was garlic bread in a new avatar. It was in the form of rings. First thing that came to my mind was that after trying this dish here, I am going to eat this at many marriage functions. This one bite, melt in the mouth delicacy is perfect for such occasion where appetizers have to be served to people enjoying such functions. Coming to the taste of this, it was very good. The rings were crisp with the correct amount of cheese and chilies in it. If you are not a fan of experimenting, this will be your safe bet.


  • Coorgi Murgi Dry Fry: This was the tastier version of popcorn chicken. It was good spicy and didn’t burn my mouth with the masalas. I loved it and would love to have it again next time.


  • Vada Pav: This Bambaiya special dish was not experimented with and was given it in the most normal way possible. Hot vadas and soft pav with sweet tamarind chutney and green chilies’ spicy chutney was able to steal my attention even when there were so many exciting dishes around me. I will never say no to burgers, semi burgers, pseudo burgers or desi burgers. According to me our Vada Pav is a desi burger and a must have dish whenever you can have it. The vada had proper amount of garlic and the sweet chutney was just complimenting the taste. Amazing!


  • Disco Anda Fry: Tasty and filling bread omlette was another classic served in a classic manner. If you’re a fan of eggs, don’t miss it. A good one.



By now we were ordering round 2 of our cocktails and I chose Toxic Box this time around. A Vodka based cocktail with far eastern flavours came in a Chinese takeaway kind of a box. It was toxic to say the least. Strong flavour of Vodka was making the dinner tad bit breezy.


Toxic Box on to your right!


Coming back to the food, it is time for our favourite – PIZZAAAAAAS. At Glocal, Pizzas were also unique. Italian dish fused with Indian tastes and it was the perfect medley.


  • Chaat Pizza: Many of you might even frown listening to this dish. Why the hell chaat and Pizza are ruined. But to my surprise it was a tasty combination. This thin crust pizza came with the topping of a bhel. Instead of cheese it had sev. Tomatoes, chilies, pomegranates, coriander, onion, bits of raw mangoes were giving out the perfect taste. By now you would’ve understood that it had all the taste – sour, sweet and spicy. If you are tired of same old, same old, this will be a good change.


  • Achari Paneer Pizza: This one is a must try. Paneer with mixed pickle with cheese on a pizza base is one thing all vegetarians out there will enjoy. I love innovation with paneer and I was curious to know how it was made and Chef was more than happy to answer my curiosities. Paneer was not marinated in the pickle but was fried in the Koliwada batter and then it was mixed with mixed pickle. The pickle was used generously and a great soury taste was coming out of this marvelous dish.


  • Hot Tennessee Barrahhh: This was the most tasty non veg starter of all. The lamb chops were spicy but tasty too. The first batch that was served to us had flavours in the entire piece. Somehow in the second batch the flavour was only at the top. Maybe that batch was not marinated properly and flavours had not find it’s way to the bottom of this one lamb piece.


  • LGBT Prawn Skewers: Before you whip your thinking horses let me clarify that it is not the same LGBT you are thinking. This LGBT stands for Lemon Grass, Basil and Thyme. This crunchy dish was another show stealer of the evening. The flavour of the herbs was strong and it was not giving out that peculiar prawns smell which by the way I loved the most. A must try for sea food lover.


  • Lazeez Chicken Cheese Kebabs: Soft malai kebabs with cheese is always welcome. This went well with my drink and I had to stop at one piece as there were lots of pending dishes that we were suppose to try.


  • Peanut and Tamarind Marinated Cauliflowers and Potatoes: Baby potatoes marinated with rich spices and taste was an average dish in the lot. Somewhere I missed the taste of peanut in this.


  • Broccoli with English Mustard and Cheese: Another vegetarian delicacy with a good twist in the taste. Broccoli was marinated in mustard and was cooked over the pit with cheese. I would go for it if I have become too conscious with my health.



I was awestruck when I saw the presentation of the next cocktail that one of the bloggers ordered. It was called Bouquet. Absolut Kurrant flavoured with Passion Fruit and Floating Flowers, this drink was bliss to the eyes. It was as tasty as appealing it looked. I am not a person who likes Passion Fruit but what the hell it had Vodka. I tried it anyhow and liked it. In couple of sips I could not feel the taste of the fresh rose that sat nicely in the jar and also on the top but going by fellow blogger’s view, it had a taste of rose petals too. Good one!


Apart from this, we also tried two G.L.I.T – Glocal Long Island Ice Teas. GLIT comes in two flavours – Watermelon and Kiwi. You can order a 500 ml GLIT or one litre of GLIT based on your appetite. It comes in a cool tank like this (image below). I liked watermelon better than Kiwi.


These were the appetizers, pre-starters, starters and blah blah blah…… We were yet to try main dishes. I thought it should’ve been given a miss. Not because I did not find it intriguing or appetizing but my fear of being a next level of glutton. So here are the main dishes we tried.


  • Tandoori Chicken Risotto: This one was the best and I could hog on to this dish like right now. As it is I love Risotto and this was like giving water to a thirsty guy. Creamy rice and perfectly cooked Chicken makhni made me jump out of my seat because of it’s taste. Yummiest creation from the kitchen of Glocal


  • Tawa Pulao: A famous Bambaiya dish presented by Team Glocal was decent enough. I have had better Tawa Pulaos but not in Hyderabad. Glocal serves the best Tawa Pulao in Hyderabad according to me. It is very near to the one you might’ve tasted in Mumbai. If you love Mumbai food, don’t forget to order Tawa Pulao at Glocal


  • Biryani Risotto with Khakhra Chura: A tricky dish with many elements. Biryani, Risotto and Khakhra Chura is a combination of 3 cuisines. Hyderabadi, Italian and Gujarati. Khakhra in this dish was inspired by Gujarati tradition of having khakhra but the way it was prepared was more like Rajasthani/Marwari. When asked about it, Chef Gaurrav came with a frank and honest answer that sourcing authentic Khakhra in Hyderabad becomes a task. Sourcing it from Mumbai becomes difficult and adds up to the cost. As far as Khakhra chura was concerned, it wasn’t bad at all. But Biryani, Risotto and Khakhra didn’t go well with my palate.


  • Orru Kodi Pulusu: This spicy treat made us raise our eyebrows because of it’s spiciness. Nevertheless, I loved it the way it was made and I didn’t complain about it being to spicy. This was served with Phulkas and some rice. The entire portion is a good deal for the person who is shy at trying out different food in the group. And there is always one person in the group who doesn’t like to experiment with his/her food. Give him/her this dish and you will not hear complaints 😉



It is time for some kickass desserts. Mind you, do read the description of all the desserts. They are truly Glocal (Local + Global)


  • Firnee Cream Brulee: Rice pudding with custard topped with caramelized sugar is a little hard to believe. But trust me on this, it was THE BEST dessert according to me. I love rice pudding and I love cream brulee but I was not sure whether I would like both together. But I was pleasantly surprised at this master creation. Yes, the upper layer of the dessert was caramelized sugar and the taste of rice pudding didn’t leave even for a bit. It was aptly sweet and even if it is less sweeter, I would love it.


  • Masala Chai Panacotta: Whoaaa, a tea lover would love to drown in this matka kullad serving Masala Chai Panacotta. The flavour of cardamom was very evident in this dessert. This dessert is served with a crumble of Parle G biscuit on top of the Panacotta. The idea is beautiful and the taste is brilliant.


  • Baked Filter Kappi: When in South drink filter coffee (Read Kappi) after your meal. But Glocal will make you EAT your Filter Kappi. Yes, you heard that right. It is more like a coffee flavoured mousse but with really strong coffee flavour. Coffee lovers know what to order for dessert.


  • Beeramisu: All the boys readin this will miss their beers but worry not, you can have beer for dessert. Beeramisu – it might sound weird but it is a reality. Beer flavoured Tiramisu hit the right chords when you are savourig it. The taste of the beer comes as you dig into it and before you even notice, you will finish it up quikly.


  • Kalkatta Paan Cheese Cake: The idea of Paan filled with cream cheese made me shout a little. The idea was unheard of until Glocal made it a reality. Dunk the entire Paan filled with cream cheese and don’t let go the cherry. Eat that too. Creamy cheesy goodness with sweet filling in a betel leaf is a show stealer.

Paan CC.jpg

  • Hazel Nut Torte: A torte is a multi layered cake with creams, mousse an jams but this was just with Hazel Nut. I wonder how much Hazel Nut spreads they might be using to make this one. I was happy savouring my Firnee and Chai Panacotta.



With this we ended our epic meal and was more than glad to be a part of this blogger’s table. The thought put behind making each and every dish is commendable. The place has got good vibe, the food is superb and the price of the food is quite good. Cocktails are great and will shoot up your expenses a little if you go overboard ordering them. They are worth trying. A couple of visits to Glocal and you would be able to taste the best dishes served by them.


Special mention to their Kheema Pav that was not on the menu that night but I tried it later – It was one of the best I have ever tried. Till now I have had the best in District N but now it is Glocal. The minced mutton and the buttery pav is a joy to the pav lover like me. Kheema is spicy but good spicy and pav has got oodles of butter that will make you order extra servings of pav :p


Ambiance – 4/5

Food (Taste) – 4.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Concept – 4.5/5


Another thing that catches everyone’s attention is the branding. Being a marketing student I was just enjoying seeing the branding element that was popping out from everywhere. From coaster plates to the bottom of the glasses, from the bar to the tissues, everything had “k” in Hindi which made it truly GLOKAL.


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